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Gillum and Nelson Lawyers are fighting to include non-citizen’s votes in Palm Beach 

Brenda Snipes Official Broward County Reporting WebSite: 

 No, those ballot boxes found in Broward don’t contain votes, officials say.

Boxes, labeled “provisional ballots,” quickly jumped to the top of social media feeds and prominent GOP figures, like Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. These ballot boxes are not stuffed with secret votes, just election supplies, said Eugene Pettis, another Snipes’ attorney. The crates found were supply boxes that briefly function as provisional ballot boxes. Ballots stored inside on Election Day are taken out and stored separately, inside sealed orange bags, before being sent to the elections office.

David Hogg rips President Trump on Saturday for his tweets suggesting voter fraud took place in Florida’s historically Democratic Broward County 

“Crazy that Trump is talking more about Broward County now than when 17 people were shot and killed here,” tweeted Hogg, a vocal critic of Trump who has repeatedly called for new gun measures in the wake of the February mass shooting at his Florida high school.

Even WaPo Concedes that Brenda Snipes is Incompetent: 

Using incompetence is the least noxious way to explain a legacy of decades old banana republic dynamics prevailing in Broward County. WaPo has realized stupid looks much better than malicious when defending the democrats.



Agriculture Commissioner Candidate Matt Caldwell opens lawsuit against Broward County Election Supervisor


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