Shady Group Suing Trump For the Migrant Caravan Under investigation For Exploiting Illegals For Money. Relocated Parkland FL Shooter’s Brother

Immigration Politics WTF?

A dozen people in the migrant caravan making its way to the U.S. border have sued President Trump and others in his administration for threatening to stop them at the border and house them in tent cities.

The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, claims that Trump’s position is ” shockingly unconstitutional.”

“President Trump continues to abuse the law, including constitutional rights, to deter Central Americans from exercising their lawful right to seek asylum in the United States, and the fact that innocent children are involved matters none to President Trump,” it said.

Litigants in the case are listed as Maria Doris Pineda, Jasmine Ortega Sanchez, Francisco Javier Castillos, Holivia Adeline Castillos, Dina Ruc and Marta Lopez. Each of them are also listed as people filing the suit on behalf of their minor children, who aren’t named.

The suit was filed on their behalf by the law firm McFadden & Shoreman in Washington, Nexus Derechos Humanos Attoreys in Atlanta, and Williams Oinonen LLC in Atlanta.

Nexus Services Inc has a very interesting history, it was founded by Mike Donovan: Mike is no stranger to the criminal justice system: Court records show he has at least 10 convictions for crimes committed between 1998 and 2009, for either writing bad checks or obtaining money by false pretenses in places like Williamsburg, Winchester, Arlington, Newport News and Hanover County.

In the summer of 2009, Donovan was part an advanced team for Mike Singer (D), who was running for Lt. Governor at the time, according to Williamsburg Commonwealth’s Attorney Nathan Green. “They ran up quite a hotel bill,” Green said. Asked for a monetary figure, he said, “North of $20,000.” It is no surprise that Donovan has political links. After promising to pay the fees, Green said the team, who claimed they didn’t try to defraud anyone, couldn’t be found. “They just disappeared,” he said.

But Donovan (who said his longest stint behind bars was seven months) said he soon realized his true calling was helping others who suffered the consequences of the criminal justice system. It sure helps that his calling helped him become the head of a Multi-million dollar corporation

Business is booming for Nexus Services, Inc. employees received a 5% raise, starting in January 2018, CEO Mike Donovan announced.  Also, Nexus unveiled plans to hire another 200 workers over the course of 2018 – doubling the size of Nexus Services, Inc. workforce nationwide. Many of the new jobs will be created in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and other jobs will be in San Juan (Puerto Rico), Hackensack (NJ), Ontario(CA) and other sites nationwide.

But how does a firm that claims to do pro bono and charity work for the downtrodden get to such dizzy height of success? The answer is by using bonds in immigration, an immigration bond is different than in the state judicial system, where a person usually pays between 10 percent and 20 percent and offers something as collateral, typically real estate. In immigration court, the detainee has to raise the full amount of the bond and often doesn’t have collateral to entice a bondsman.

Nexus/Libre contracts with a bail bond company, which actually posts the bond required by the court. Libre then securitizes it by mandating that the client wear a GPS ankle monitor until his or her day in court or until they pay back at least 80 percent of the bond, after which they make arrangements on the terms for covering the rest. Here is the case of Victor (pseudonym) who was milked by Nexus/Libre and explains their cash cow modus operandi. The contract agreed to by Victor’s wife called for a payment of $3,880 up front.

This breaks down to $2,250 for the premium to the bonding company; $750 for a general consulting fee; and $880, split between $420 for the monthly GPS tracking and a $460 activation fee.

None of those charges goes towards paying down the $15,000 bond.

At $420 a month, the couple in the first year will have paid $8,920 for fees and the monitoring costs. After two years, when his court date is scheduled, they will have paid an estimated $13,905 in fees, insurance and a bond premium with none of it ascribed to the bond total. Now imagine having a steady flow of illegal aliens coming into this country, what does that do to their business? It is pure unmitigated boom market should the migrant caravan fall into the clutches of this company.

The bottom line is that their entire business model is contingent upon unfettered illegal immigration. Is it any surprise then that Nexus is suing the Trump administration? Their livelihood depends upon it.

There are multiple concurrent investigations against Nexus Services/Libre as reported by Washington Post Virginia Attorney General’s Office filed a petition in Richmond city circuit court to force Nexus to turn over records the attorney general’s office sought in December.

The attorney general’s office demanded the records because, the petition said, it had reason to think Nexus had engaged in “deceptive conduct and misrepresentations in connection with immigration bond services.” It also sought records on some of the company’s spinoffs, including its real estate operations, criminal bond services and much-publicized prize giveaways. RLI, a company that partners with Nexus , has since early 2016 issued more than 2,400 immigration bonds on Nexus’s behalf.

Interestingly it appears that Mike Donovan has been involved with fundraising for Terry McAullife for VA Governor 

In an even more bizarre turn of events, Nexus/Libre sponsored Zachary Cruz, the brother of Parkland Fl shooter Nikolas Cruz’s move to Virginia 

After the hearing, a smiling Cruz stood next to the company’s chief executive, Mike Donovan, and told a throng of reporters,“I’m looking forward to starting a new life there.” Reached by The Washington Post, neither prosecutors nor Cruz’s attorney said they were aware that Nexus is under investigation. Both said the investigations could have had an impact on the hearing. “Might I have mentioned it? Maybe,” said Broward prosecutor Sarahnell Murphy, who did raise questions during the hearing about the company and Cruz’s new living arrangement. “This move is not without trepidation on my part.”

Why did Nexus/Libre sponsor Cruz’s brother’s relocation to VA? In fact Nexus Services, sued and filed action against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and other county officials, claiming they violated his constitutional rights. Nexus services argues authorities conspired to keep Zachary Cruz locked up when deputies arrested him on a trespassing charge at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School weeks after the shooting.

Clearly Nexus has more to gain from this migrant caravan than previously understood. If their previous history is any indication, they stand to reap rich rewards from a massive influx of migrants. Their business model thrives on exploiting illegals who unfortunately are easy target for their predatory practices. Why they injected themselves into Parkland FL is not exactly clear, but is surely most curious.

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