There is a motive for everything


Everyone has a motive for everything


October 2, 17: heinous tragedy in Las Vegas. Stephen Paddock is the now dead terrorist who killed over fifty people. Motives are still unclear.



Everyone has a motive, doing things without one is called altruism when good, and plain evil when bad. We know that he wasn’t evil in the conventional sense because he lived 64 years without manifesting any signs of pure evil (to our knowledge). He definitely wasn’t altruistic either.


The data so far tells us:

-He was well off, semi-retired, gambled for fun and living. He also owned at least three different properties.

-Had a girlfriend who is an enigma (more on her in a minute)

-He planned, planned and planned. 17 guns in hotel, 18 guns at home, ammonium nitrite, and a bunch of other stuff. Had two hotel rooms for optimal vantage point. This is the working of a deliberate, carefully executed plan. Nothing haphazard about anything he did. He spent a lot of money killing a lot of people. His actions are the very definition of premeditated.

-Family has expressed surprise at his actions, he didn’t have any previous history, kept to himself and wasn’t a violent guy.


So what happened?

Stephen Paddock committed premeditated mass murder. No other way to look at it. Terrorism would be a reasonable charge. He spent money and time on the plan. Whose time and money is not a question that can be answered just yet. Gambling debt is NOT a cogent explanation for this behavior. Committing mass murder does nothing for debt, killing himself would have sufficed. On the other hand if you knew you were going to die, you too would run up a huge debt wouldn’t you?

His brother said he had no previous history of such behavior. But then in the same interview we hear Stephen was texting his brother to check up on mom. So they were mostly texting even in the Florida hurricane/Storm. So presumably Stephen’s brother and mother were not particularly keeping close tabs on Stephen’s activities. Reading some of the other articles it appears that Stephen and his girlfriend kept to themselves and moved a lot. One neighbor described the sparseness of their house as a “freshman’s dorm” Sure this could simply be a function of his being a professional gambler, but the context here matters.

The girlfriend is the most crucially underappreciated part of this story. She is currently out of the country, is an Australian citizen and was originally said to be traveling to the Philippines now is in Tokyo. They both were reclusive individuals, or at least he was and she was his only companion. She had to have known something about this man’s planning on such a large scale. To presume that she was conveniently away through the course of his plan would be naiveté. At first officials said she wasn’t a person of interest, but that changed in a few hours, as would be expected. People saw the folly of their original assumption and put her back on list of people of interest (or only person of interest?). To say that she is a person of interest is putting it very mildly.


ISIS claimed responsibility, twice today; FBI dismissed that as “no evidence”. But when there is no evidence at all, any theory is better than none. The same people that dismissed the ISIS claim also cleared the girlfriend without questioning. So there’s that too. ISIS does exaggerate, they’re terrorists, recruitment is based upon exaggeration. But to lie would be absolute foolishness because they would be labeled cowards for lying. And that is bad for business. What long-term gain would ISIS seek from lying? In fact what short-term gain could they possibly get from lying?


The girlfriend who is now overseas is supposedly an Australian citizen. Do you think she would come back to the US without talking to a lawyer? Would a lawyer tell her to go to the US when she is already out of prosecutions way?


I truly do not know what Stephen Paddock’s motive for mass murder is. But he did have one. Let’s not say he didn’t. We just don’t know it, yet. Asking is the first step to knowing.

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